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Sharin' or Grazin'

Choose three smoked bar'b'que plates for only £15, from the selection below!


Available Monday to Friday until 5pm at Bluegrass BBQ *.. Enjoy!

Grazin - Pig Out.JPG

BBQ Buns

 Sandwich buns filled with bbq & toppings.. 

Pulled Pork

Smoked ‘n’ pulled ‘Boston butt’ pork, tossed in house bar’b’que sauce, with lettuce & tomato.

Buffalo Chicken

Buttermilk fried chicken topped with Buffalo sauce, blue cheese drizzle, lettuce & tomato.

Sliced Brisket

Tennessee bbq sauce mopped sliced brisket with pickles, lettuce & tomato.

Grazin - Chipotle Mac.JPG


 Smoked chicken wings, tossed & topped.. 

Root Beer Wings

Smoked chicken wings, tossed in our house root beer glaze.

Buffalo BLue

Southern fried wings topped with buffalo sauce, spring onion and blue cheese drizzle.


Tossed in maple Yangneom bar’b’que sauce, sesame seeds, fresh jalapeños & red chillies

*: Available at all locations, except Bluegrass Brighton.


 Bluegrass fries loaded with bbq & sauces.. 


Chopped brisket, pulled pork, cheese, jalapeños, red chillies & bbq sauce drizzle.


Pulled ‘Boston butt’ pork, sliced hot link sausages, cheese & Carolina bbq sauce drizzle.

Bourbon Jackfruit

Bourbon bbq smoked jackfruit, topped with vegan mayo, jalapeños & red chillies.

Grazin - Buffalo Chicken.JPG

Dirty Macs

 Topped Bluegrass mac 'n' cheese.. 

Classic Dirty

Topped with string ‘n’ spring onions & Tennessee sauce drizzle.

Cluckin' Hot

Topped with maple sriracha popcorn chicken, Texan spice and chillies.

Sticky Kansas

Sticky maple Kansas pulled pork & hot links, with

string onion topping.

Grazin - K Cue Wings.JPG
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