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Sharin' or Grazin'

Choose three smoked bar'b'que plates for only £15, from the selection below!


Available Monday to Friday until 5pm at Bluegrass Windsor only.. Enjoy!

Grazin - Pig Out.JPG

BBQ Buns

 Sandwich buns filled with bbq & toppings.. 

Pulled Pork

Smoked ‘n’ pulled ‘Boston butt’ pork, tossed in house bar’b’que sauce, with lettuce & tomato.

Buffalo Chicken

Buttermilk fried chicken topped with Buffalo sauce, blue cheese drizzle, lettuce & tomato.

Sliced Brisket

Tennessee bbq sauce mopped sliced brisket with pickles, lettuce & tomato.

Kansas Jackfruit

Kansas mopped smoked jackfruit, string onions, lettuce, tomato & mayo.

Grazin - Chipotle Mac.JPG


 Smoked chicken wings, tossed & topped.. 

Classic Smoked

Hickory smoked chicken wings, served with veg’

sticks & dirty mayo dip.

Chipotle Lime

Tossed in smoked adobo chilli & tomato glaze, spring onion, served with lime & jalapeño slaw.

Buffalo BLue

Southern fried wings topped with buffalo sauce, spring onion and blue cheese drizzle.


Tossed in maple Yangneom bar’b’que sauce, sesame seeds, fresh jalapeños & red chillies


 Bluegrass fries loaded with bbq & sauces.. 


Chopped brisket, pulled pork, cheese, jalapeños, red chillies & bbq sauce drizzle.


Pulled ‘Boston butt’ pork, sliced hot link sausages, cheese & Carolina bbq sauce drizzle.


Smoked brisket chilli, cheese, soured cream, jalapeños & red chillies.

Bourbon Jackfruit

Bourbon bbq smoked jackfruit, topped with vegan mayo, jalapeños & red chillies.

Grazin - Buffalo Chicken.JPG

Dirty Macs

 Topped Bluegrass mac 'n' cheese.. 

Classic Dirty

Topped with string ‘n’ spring onions & Tennessee sauce drizzle.

Chipotle 'n' Bacon

Adobo chipotle mac topped with bacon, Texan spice and Buffalo drizzle.


Topped with smoked brisket chilli, cheese, jalapeños & red chillies.

Sticky Kansas

Sticky maple Kansas pulled pork & hot links, with

string onion topping.

Grazin - K Cue Wings.JPG
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