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BBQ Pit Boxes 


Order your party Pit Boxes for six people or more direct to your office or home!

We’ll put together a giant ‘Pit Box’ filled with smoked ‘cue, drinks and complimentary extras and deliver it right to your office or home! Everything you need for a smokin’ lunch or dinner!

All you need to do is decide what you’d like from our mouth-watering menu!

Save the date or Bespoke party!


If you're not sure what you and your party would like to order yet or would like something specific, then you can save the date and we'll get in touch to help you work out your requirements for an amazing Christmas party!


Just click below, add your details and we'll be in touch..

I'm Ready to Order now!

Great! Just follow the steps below to place your Pit Box order!

  1. Add a Pit Box for each guest to the basket (select your first Pit Box below), with their meal selections & any allergies specified (see

  2. Once you have added everyone's Pit Box orders to the basket, please ensure you meet the minimum requirement for the Pit Box type you are ordering, if you do - you can check out to confirm the order

  3. Add your preferred delivery date and time to the notes at the end of the order

  4. Add your party location (where we will deliver the Pit Boxes on the day) as the shipping address

  5. Call or email if you have any questions, otherwise we will call you to confirm your order and arrange the finishing touches before proceeding! 😀

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