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£10 bAR'B'QUE

Find us!

Book your nearest Bluegrass today!


Dine 7 days a week from..


Rock on down to Bluegrass High Wycombe, Windsor or Brighton 
any day, any time and select your bar'b'que slow smoked meat, served with 'slaw and choice of house sauce, then add a side to make a meal!

Choose from:

6 smoked meats at £6

11 sides at £4

4 homemade glazes

6 house sauces & mayos

..we make that a heck of a lot of different £10 meal options available..


Or, for a little more choose from our full range of 12 smoked meats and 13 sides..

Weekday before 5pm?

 Eat for £5

Got two friends? Grab three smoked plates for only £15 at Bluegrass High Wycombe or Windsor.. yes, really..

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